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ScanMate Testimonial

We continue to hear from clients how ScanMate is revolutionising their digital scanning. One of our clients, Luke shared with us his experiences so far.

“I have been casting for custom orthotic therapy for the past 20 years. I have trialled two scanning systems in the past 10 years and at the end of each of these trials I reverted back to casting. In my opinion the technology had not yet been perfected. The savings in time and money were clear with a transition to scanning however the patient outcomes with traditional methods of scanning that I trialled were still lacking.

I am a firm believer that capturing the foot in a repeatable and reliable way with each and every scan translates heavily to achieving successful orthotic outcomes. Until trialling the ScanMate I had not found one scanning system that allowed me to place and hold the foot in a repeatable and reliable position (neutral) for each and every cast. The ScanMate allows the practitioner to easily hold the foot in a repeatable position with each and every cast regardless of patient age, weight, or injury.

ScanMate has allowed me to transition a practice of 11 podiatrists confidently to a complete digital scanning and prescribing system. I believe it has transformed the clinicians ability to greatly reduce inter-practitioner variability due to the ease and simplicity of the system.

If patient outcomes and reliable, repeatable scans are a priority in your business, ScanMate is a must.”

Luke, NSW