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We are part lab
part workshop
part artist's studio

Our team of experts craft bespoke orthotics and braces that help podiatrists forever change the quality of people’s lives.

Old-world skill

Traditional handmade construction

In this increasingly automated digital age people ask why we still bother producing orthotics by hand – especially as we’re one of the last remaining labs in the country to do so. The answer is simple.

Because sometimes, they’re better.

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New-world smarts

Bespoke digital scanning and printing

Searching for a digital solution that makes life easier for podiatrists while still providing the best possible outcome for patients? So were we. When we couldn’t find one we were happy with, we decided to create one ourselves.

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Richie Brace

We’re proud to be the sole manufacturer of the Richie Brace in Australia. Introduced to the medical community in 1996, the Richie Brace has revolutionised the non-operative approach to the most challenging pathologies.

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Gecko orthotics

Designed with the hypermobile flatfoot and other developmental issues in mind, Geckos are Australian made prefabricated orthotics made in bright colours that will appeal to your little patients.

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MyQOL streamlines the ordering process

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Our team of experts are looking forward to help you forever change the quality of people’s lives.

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