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Since 1985 QOL has supplied Podiatrists throughout Australia with prescription foot orthotic devices. QOL provides orthotic devices to Podiatrists in private practice, hospitals, community health centres and educational institutions. QOL specialises in the manufacture of handcrafted orthotic devices to Podiatrist's custom prescriptions.

The Richie Brace

The Richie Brace is a custom ankle foot orthosis (AFO) designed to treat chronic conditions of the foot and ankle. Richie Brace AFOs are well suited to treating – Adult acquired flatfoot secondary to PTTD, lateral ankle instability, DJD of ankle or rearfoot, peroneal tendinopathy and dropfoot (restricted pivot or dynamic assist options).

The Richie Brace AFO offers an excellent non-operative approach to the most challenging pathologies treated by foot and ankle specialists.


Gecko Childrens Orthotic Devices

Geckos are pre made orthotic devices for children who range in age from approximately two to nine years. Geckos are bright and colourful so will appeal to your little patients.

Geckos design features include – Medial and lateral flanges/flares and deep heel cups combined with a high calcaneus inclination angle. Geckos are well suited to providing good rearfoot to midfoot pronation control and significantly increased stability for hypermobile feet.

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