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Not just a cool new thing

At QOL, we believe that technology is simply another tool to help us apply our unmatched experience and knowledge to every pair of custom foot orthotics we craft.

So, with the rise of digital scanning in our industry, we saw an opportunity to improve the quality of scans in order to deliver the best orthotic possible to patients. It’s the QOL way – to act with integrity to produce the best quality and never take short cuts.

In upholding these values we developed QOL ScanMate, which revolutionises the way you scan. Our patent-pending QOL ScanMate aligns patients with unmatched accuracy, helping you to achieve the best result for your patients each and every time.

Of course, scanning is only part of the process. QOL relies on highly-trained technicians (not algorithms) to craft fully custom orthotics using the best technology in the industry. So you can rest assured that the scan you take with QOL ScanMate will be analysed and interpreted by the best brains in the business, giving you confidence and ensuring a quality patient outcome that only Queensland Orthotic Lab and QOL ScanMate can provide.


Introducing ScanMate


Will QOL ScanMate save me time?

Yes. The process for scanning two feet, entering patient and prescription information and submitting an order to Queensland Orthotic Lab via MyQOL takes approximately five minutes. This eliminates the time and cost associated with buying casting supplies, handling and processing physical casts/impressions, waiting for casts to ship to QOL, freight costs, etc.

No longer do you ask the patient to ‘hold still’ while you try to scan the foot quickly. With QOL ScanMate, you can position the foot in subtalar joint neutral with the midtarsal joint fully pronated. This gives you a more repeatable scan and better orthotic for your patient.

QOL ScanMate is designed with ease-of-use in mind. Whether being moved between exam rooms or offices, QOL ScanMate is easy to bring along. The entire system (including iPad + Structure Sensor) fits in a backpack.

QOL ScanMate features an affordable, one time purchase price with no ongoing monthly or per-pair fees. Our 30-day guarantee offers unrivalled peace of mind. QOL ScanMate is best used with the Structure Sensor from Occipital. Give us a call for more information.

QOL prides itself on educating the industry to work together to produce the best outcomes for patients. As such, this video shows you everything you need to know about using the QOL ScanMate. Ongoing phone and email support is provided free of charge.

The QOL ScanMate works beautifully with the Structure Sensor camera attachment for your iPad.  The Structure Sensor provides scanning accuracy within a fraction of a millimetre.  This can be purchased directly from Structure by Occipital.