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Our specialists

QOL’s team of specialists partner with podiatrists all over the country to make custom orthotics from both traditional handmade techniques as well as modern digital means to serve the unique needs of both patients and professionals. QOL is also the sole Australian manufacturer of the Richie Brace AFO and Gecko children’s orthotics, allowing us to serve a broad spectrum of patient needs.

QOL was one of the first commercial orthotics labs in Australia, and our commitment to innovation and great service has never wavered. Today, we continue to be a pioneer in the industry and have recently introduced a suite of technologies to better serve podiatrists including; digital scanning, an Australian first foot positioning tool QOL ScanMate, online prescriptions in MyQOL and 3D printing. These innovations will complement QOL’s core business of hand-made devices crafted from traditional plaster casts, and have only been introduced following the most thorough research and development. Our overall aim in adding digital to our traditional offering is to make quality orthotics as accessible as possible, aiding in better mobility, comfort and increased performance for everyone.

Above everything, at QOL we pride ourselves on attention to detail in craftsmanship, and on the relationships and service we provide to the podiatry industry. Because we believe it is a combination of great products, great service and great relationships that results in the best possible outcome for the patient each and every time.

Our Approach

Here at QOL, we pride ourselves on attention to detail in craftsmanship, and on the relationships and service we provide to the Podiatry industry. Our aim is to achieve the best possible outcome for your patient each and every time. Our brand pillars for which we stand and hold ourselves accountable to are


We take great pride in what we do and will never do things the easier or cheaper way if we can’t achieve the same result. And we’re passionate about making it as easy as possible for podiatrists to help their patients.


We’re expert podiatrists and craftspeople who are committed to providing service that goes above and beyond and who believe near enough is never good enough.

Unique & Genuine

Not only is the way we operate unique, everything we do is crafted for one individual, and no two devices are the same. We’re real people helping real people.

Our story

Until the mid 1980s Australian podiatrists prescribing orthotics were either making their own or waiting six weeks for them to be manufactured in the USA. Seeing the opportunity to better serve the industry, and in response to the demand for locally produced orthoses, Linda Garbett and her husband Tony formed Queensland Orthotic Lab in 1985 as one of the first commercial labs in Australia. As a podiatrist who had been making orthotics herself for her patients, Linda knew only too well the frustrations podiatrists faced!

Queensland Orthotic Lab was founded on a strong commitment to quality, best-in-class orthotic devices. Linda brought with her vast experience. She was a practising podiatrist, held a presidential position with the Australian Podiatry Association (QLD), was co-founder of sports podiatry practice Sportscare (their key patients being the Brisbane Bears (now Brisbane Lions), Brisbane Broncos, AIS squash and AIS gymnastics teams), and was also a lecturer and active member of Sports Medicine Australia.

In fact, just following the formation of Queensland Orthotic Lab, Linda was awarded the inaugural grant to the Podiatry industry from the Australian Sports Commission to investigate vertical force curve patterns applied to the foot when performing artistic movements on roller skating.

In 1986 Linda and Tony travelled within the USA and UK to meet key figures in the biomechanics world. Dr Merton Root (the founder of early podiatric foot biomechanics) was generous in his knowledge of his lab processes, emphasising the accuracy of the negative cast and the need for podiatrists education in prescription writing. Queensland Orthotic Lab recognised the value of this and continues to offer education to podiatrists in this field today.

In 1989 Tony Garbett joined the team in a full time capacity to manage QOL, bringing his skills in a technical capacity to develop and streamline the orthotic manufacturing process.

In the mid 1990s, Queensland Orthotic Lab developed the Gecko children`s over the counter range of orthotics Gecko children`s for the growing need in paediatrics. We then increased our range and expertise by also introducing The Richie Brace to Australia in 2010. In 2012, Kent and Ben Sweeting took over the business from Tony and Linda. In 2018 Kent became sole director of Queensland Orthotic Lab and remains passionate about continuing Tony and Linda’s commitment to quality orthotics with the highest attention to detail in craftsmanship, strong research and development and industry education. QOL has recently introduced a suite of technologies including digital scanning, QOL ScanMate , MyQOL and 3D printing to better serve Podiatrists.

We use our heads, hearts and hands to get people back on their feet.

Meet our team

Our team of expert craftspeople are proud to provide you with the highest quality foot orthotics possible. Most of our staff are long serving employees who through years of practice and repetition have become true master craftspeople. Although they have have various backgrounds including cake decorating and trades, the one thing they all have in common is an eye for detail. They are acutely aware the profound impact their work can have on people’s lives meaning a high level of care and respect is put into each orthotic.

Kent Sweeting

After being a client of Queensland Orthotic Lab in clinical practice for many years, Kent became a director of Queensland Orthotic Lab in 2012. He brought with him a wealth of experience across the clinical, research and teaching domains of podiatry. Kent has published in peer-reviewed medical journals and presented at podiatry and sports medicine conferences both domestically and internationally. He is a contributor to the hugely popular ‘Clinical Sports Medicine’ text by Brukner and Khan. Kent has also given back to the profession, serving as president of the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine for over five years. He understands the needs of the treating podiatrist and is never satisfied with ‘good enough’.

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Chris Meehan

Chris joined Queensland Orthotic Lab as a consultant podiatrist in 2018. Chris has a diverse background in clinical podiatry working in both busy regional and city practices. He always had a clinical interest in biomechanics and orthotics. Chris has a fastidious eye for detail which has made him a perfect fit for us. Chris works closely with our clients in a caring and understanding manner to ensure the best clinical outcome.

Yen-Chii Wong

Podiatrist Yen-Chii Wong has joined us recently to strengthen our service to you. Yen-Chii graduated from the Queensland University of Technology and moved to Adelaide and Canberra before returning home to sunny Brisbane. Yen-Chii has a great eye for detail which makes her a perfect addition to QOL. She has recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Sports Medicine. Outside of work, you’ll find Yen-Chii running, weightlifting, sipping on a coffee, and annoying her abnormally large greyhound Zoro.