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Over 30 years of expertise and experience

Following extensive research and development to ensure we incorporate not just ‘what’s available’ but ‘what’s right’, we’ve added digital scanning and printing options to our range.

No matter how you choose to work with us – plaster casts, digital scanning, handmade or 3D printed, our team of specialist podiatrists and orthotic technicians partner with you to produce the best orthotic solution to meet your patient’s needs.

Traditional Handmade Techniques

Crafted with care by experts to help your patients

Pioneered using techniques learned from labs that were breaking new ground in the USA, Queensland Orthotic Lab was one of the first commercial orthotic labs in Australia. Over the past 30-plus years these techniques have been preserved and refined to ensure a near-perfect blend of art and science. As a result, every orthotic we make is truly bespoke, crafted with care by experts to help your patients get back on their feet. Given we’re one of the few remaining orthotic labs left in the country that can produce orthotics by hand, we are unrestricted with the shapes we can achieve, meaning a better outcome for your patients. We also have a wide range of materials available, so your prescription parameters are virtually unlimited.

3D Printing

The same care and expertise in a digital process

Here at Queensland Orthotic Lab we offer the latest in 3D printing (additive manufacturing) – EnviroPoly. EnviroPoly is made from renewably sourced castor oil plants and has been tested by Australian universities for its application in foot orthotics. Using the latest HP Fusion 3D printer, the orthotic is printed layer by layer, to as small as 100 microns.

Critically, we ensure that the same care and expertise that goes into a handcrafted orthotic, also goes into a 3D printed orthotic. Because we’ve been living and breathing custom foot orthotics for the past 30 years we can incorporate that knowledge into the digital process, this means the shapes we can achieve in the modelling process are based on decades of crafting custom orthotics by hand. It’s those years of experience and industry leading quality that help to inform us of the best approach to digital modelling and additive manufacturing, meaning a better result for you and your patients every time.

Physical Casts

Production that fits your needs

Capturing a good cast is the start of the patient’s journey to better health under your care. Queensland Orthotic Lab is happy to accept all physical casts including plaster casts, foam boxes and STS slipper casts. Where possible, we recommend suspension casting.

For tips and support to improve your casts, look out for other training opportunities in our newsletters and subscribe to our blog.

Digital Scanning

The same care and expertise in a digital process

With our new proprietary tool, QOL ScanMate, Queensland Orthotic Lab has revolutionised digital scanning. No longer do you ask the patient to ‘hold still’ while you try to scan the foot quickly! QOL ScanMate allows you to position the foot in subtalar joint neutral with the midtarsal joint fully pronated. This gives you a more repeatable scan and better orthotic for your patient.