QOL on the forefront of ulcer treatment - Queensland Orthotic Lab QOL on the forefront of ulcer treatment - Queensland Orthotic Lab

QOL on the forefront of ulcer treatment

Led by Queanbeyan podiatrist Allan Donnelly, Queensland Orthotic Lab has released the APOLLO system for ulcer treatment. Allan is passionate about the health of diabetics and significantly lowering the number of lower limb amputations. He is also the Vice Chair of Wounds Australia ACT Branch. Allan has realized a gap in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers – whilst total contact casting (TCC) is the gold standard in offloading diabetic foot ulcers, this doesn’t always translate into clinical practice.

Allan presented a prototype device (nicknamed APOLLO) at the Wounds Australia National Conference in 2018, where this device won the inaugural Innovation Tank Award. It won the award because of its accessibility, ease of use, low cost and longevity around effective plantar off-loading measures.

Developed in conjunction with QOL, the APOLLO device consists of a specifically designed total contact orthotic and a removable Aircast walking boot.

All that is needed is:

  • Plaster of Paris (POP);
  • Opsite or similar to cover the ulcer in the casting process;
  • Lipstick and;
  • Australia Post or appropriate courier.

Perhaps most importantly, the patient does not have to travel to a specialist clinic which means that any practitioner anywhere in Australia can cast for the APOLLO — with no technology required. This allows patients to receive a custom made total contact interface that, when combined with a good removable Aircast boot, replicates the best qualities of the TCC.

QOL can also design and supply a shoe-ready total contact orthotic to transition out of the boot at the appropriate time without needing to recast the patient. Furthermore, If the ulcer does relapse, the patient can get their APOLLO system out from the cupboard and wear it, even before seeing their health practitioner again to start the healing process.

Allan will be presenting the results of his study as an invited speaker at the 2021 Wounds Australia conference. QOL is now proud to offer the APOLLO device to podiatrists to help you get better outcomes for your patients. For more information on how the APOLLO system can help your patients, please contact QOL or download the APOLLO prescription form here.