Eliminating Paper Prescriptions - Queensland Orthotic Lab Eliminating Paper Prescriptions - Queensland Orthotic Lab

Eliminating Paper Prescriptions

Do you want to eliminate paper forms and time spent scanning prescription forms in your practice? QOL have developed an online portal to allow you to upload prescriptions and digital scans in a secure
manner – MyQOL.

Even if you use physical casts (i.e. plaster, STS sock or foam box), you can still take full advantage of MyQOL. This allows you to go to a paperless ordering system and keep all of your prescriptions in one place. You can quickly search by first name, last name or job number to review old prescriptions. And if you wish to have that saved into your practice management system, it’s easy to save the completed prescription as a PDF and import into your patient file.

Unlike some competitors, we understand that feet are often asymmetrical. So when we receive the casts or scans, the first thing we do is to evaluate the feet and note if one foot it lower/longer/wider compared to the other foot. We communicate this through to our technicians but this also needs to be communicated back to you, the treating podiatrist. Just like our current paper prescription forms, we’ll make a note in MyQOL of things like the forefoot to rearfoot evaluation and any asymmetrical morphologies (e.g. one heel is wider than the other or one foot is longer the other). This allows you to see what we’ve seen in our measurements while also cross-referencing that to the actual orthotics.

The prescription form is set out almost identically to our paper prescription form and allows you to take advantage of our full range of traditional materials such as polypropylene, subortholen and carbon fibre and newer materials such as the 3D printed PA-11 and milled EVA. See MyQOL in action in this short video. If you wish to utilize our online portal, please register your interest in a trial here or contact the lab and we can set you up with an account.