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The Richie AeroSpring Brace

QOL is the sole Australian manufacturer of the Richie AeroSpring Bracing System, allowing us to serve a broad spectrum of complex patient needs.
Achilles offloading
Plantar fascia offloading
Replaces walking boots
Drop foot stability
Midfoot offload
Dynamic and lightweight

The Richie AeroSpring Brace replaces walking boots and treats a variety of lower extremity pathologies.

Featuring a redesigned ‘lower profile’ medial ankle strut for enhanced pronation control and increasing comfort by minimising contact with the leg.

The goal of walking boots is often to limit motion and offload damaging forces on injured structures. While superior to cast immobilization in many cases, walking boots can cause proximal pain in the joints, are heavy and difficult to secure and can prevent patients from driving.



The Richie AeroSpring Brace circumvents the shortcomings of walking boots providing improved treatment effects on injured structures of the lower extremity, and speeding recovery by combining the performance of a carbon fibre ankle-foot orthosis with a variety of stabilising pathology specific foot orthoses. This is achieved by providing a brace featuring;

  • A pre-fabricated carbon fibre composite ankle-foot orthosis with a full length footplate, a medial strut around the ankle and an anterior strut along the tibia. The proximal section of the AFO contains a contoured plate with tibial relief cut out, padding and 2 adjustable anchor straps.
  • A pair of custom functional foot orthoses. One orthosis is “married” to the footplate of the AFO brace and the other orthosis is worn in the contralateral shoe without an AFO brace. The orthoses are custom, intrinsically balanced functional foot orthoses which are fabricated with a semi-rigid EVA shell material and multiform top cover. All foot orthoses incorporate the patented Richie ArchLock technology.
  • Heel wedges to neutralize damaging forces on the Achilles, Plantar Fascia and Midfoot joints.


The Richie AeroSpring Brace is ideal in treating many common conditions that have been traditionally prescribed walking boots, including;

  • Plantar Heel Pain Syndrome when unresponsive to traditional treatment
  • Achilles Tendon Rupture and Tendinopathy
  • Sprain and/or Degenerative Arthritis of the Midfoot Joints


Advantages of the Richie AeroSpring Brace compared to a walking boot

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Queensland Orthotic Lab is proud to offer the Richie AeroSpring Brace as part of our approach to the most challenging pathologies.

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The Richie Brace

QOL is the sole Australian manufacturer of the Richie Brace, allowing us to serve a broad spectrum of complex patient needs. You can now scan for all Richie Braces.